The Mystery serves confusion
the education serves repression
the knowledge serves imprisonment
the experience serves isolation

What way of life do I choose
among the choices provided to me?

How does one test their own heart
within the test preordained?

What animal kills it’s own kind?
What beast causes it’s own extinction?
Name one creature who says “I am not this creature”?
Is there a Dog who envies another?
Perhaps a cat who has yet to find himself?

We create order
to prevent chaos
to preserve our race
to insure our future

We live by principle
and law
and regulation
and morality
and ethic
in order to secure our future

Yet the principle of Beast
has done less harm to beast
than the principle of man
has done to man.

The law of the wild
has done less damage to the wild
than the law of man.

The regulation of earths provisions
has done less to cause effort in animals
than the regulation of man
has done to fellow man and the earth.

The morality of the forest and desert and creeping thing
has done more to insure LIFE continues
than the morality of man imposed upon
all life on earth.

The ethics of the untamed world
offer greater respect and security
to all the untamed world
than ALL the ethics of man
has done.

The principle of the unthinking
the law of the lawless
the WAY of life of the truly free beast
is free to be
A dog
A cat
A Wolf
A sheep.

And better are they at it than are we at ourselves.

It is time and tide and earth and wind
that ends a species inevitable
it is man and will and order and desire
the also ends a race.

We too are not above the rule of the earth
We too still are bound by survivial of the fittest
we too are frail and unaware of what the universe
and nature has in store.

I find no orangutan who tells another orangutan
that they are not a proper orangutan.

I find no Lion who tells another Lion
that they are not allowed to be a Lion.

I find no Elephant who tells another Elephant
that they should be ashamed of themselves
because of their nakedness.

And for ALL the ruthless crazy wild untamed chaotic life they live
some of them are far older than us!

Does a Lama try to be anything but a Lama?
And who may cause them to try and be another thing but man?

Name one Tiger with a slaughter house?

So what have we gained
with everything Humane?

When the earth shakes
and the skies rain and fall
and the mountains roar
we too are just as insecure as they.

And as we seek more ways to die
and to kill
and the slaughter
and to rule and control…

The rest of life seeks more ways to LIVE.

This they do without loosing ONE freedom
to be who and what they are.

Of all the beast of the world
there must be one who is actually murderous?
and killing and hunting above all?
Truly there is… the comon housecat, whom we love and coddle.

How do we become MAN
in a world of man that failed life?

How do we know ourselves
without the freedom to know ourselves?

How do we feel life
without the authority to discover our life
as Man?

It was a man before me
who taught me to be the man he was taught to be
by another man
and it was he who lived under the
RULE of another man
as do I.

All in the name of securing a better life
of dwindling liberation in life.

Yet the ancient wise beast
will give up nothing of himself.
And he too still lives
until we kill him off for good
or the earth no longer needs him.

The real difference we have made
in all we have created
I am not so proud of.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Elder Tree” Graphical Photo/Image ©2011 Ryan Ranney
All Rights Reserved

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