What can we say today
that we set our hearts upon a new vision
or inspire at a new thought
in order to bring about the wish of a dream
we are not sure is real
but believe in so?

Whereas all that stands before me in this moment
could very well drift away into the next
leaving nothing left of the love
I saw before the eyes of my flesh

Though such loss reaches down
into places I had not dared to seek
does such a thought cause
the greater reward of peace
yet it cannot be fathomed without its presentation

Set to understand from this very moment
to the next very moment
do we communicate ourselves
from what we hope to project
into another

It is not brought about from the wretchedness of man
but instead from the ignorance
from those things we have never been shown
nor all those before us even knew
yet inside ourselves we know
to be true
and to seek

It is inescapable upon the variances of our design

To be known
to be understood
to be loved
to be accepted
to be one with another

I can give no greater thing
than my acceptance of another
my understanding for them
my desire to hear their words
my time to be one with them

For it can very well be in ALL the days of their life
that there will be no other
to do such a thing for them at all

I see before me a very large field of battle
where every human who has ever walked the earth
has raised their sword up to the heavens
has held their shield
and run amok battling every thing presented to them
as their enemy of isolation
even though they are all on the same field
it is as they know not one another
or the vastness of the war around them

The great blind human army of one

They all can be seen at once
tho who dares to witness such devastation?

Yet in the truth of this vision
I see nothing standing before them as they swing their swords
except spirits of darkness mocking
I see nothing beating them as they cower under their shield
yet spirits of darkness mocking
In their vigor and waling about they accidentally cut one another
without knowledge the other is even there
until such time as they battle each other because of the pain

Some peer outside the blindfold for a moment and claim wisdom
Some hear the sound of another and claim righteousness
Some bump into another body and claim understanding
Some speak of their battle and are heard by others
as they wander in darkness seeking one another

Yet they who have awoken to the whole field
know this very thing
That with all eyes upon all souls
it is possible to avoid getting cut
even when others gather in armies to battle against you
for we flitter in and out of their vision
We speak here and there
We touch one and move to another

Our own presence is not unlike the effect of the darkness
as it too appears and disappears to mock
yet our presence is greater
for we are more alike humanity than those forces of darkness harming humanity
yet in the blindness and deafness do our brothers
wale about to attack us as we move about
being that they can sense us with greater accuracy

If we wait there that in the moment
when their dark enemy does re-appear to attack them
because they have again thought of themselves
we can maneuver away
to our goal
of reaching our hand to they who lay upon the field
wounded, hurting, thrashing about
no longer able to bear the pain
of their isolation and dark condemnation

I can give no greater thing
than my acceptance of another
my understanding for them
my desire to hear their words
And my time to be one with them
in every way
This is important
it is how they may also see it all
And all those others who are free

…To end the war of their lie
To shield the others even while they curse
To awaken others to the enemy who cannot leave the field
as we now together can.

Ryan o0o


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Copyright © 2005-2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
Painting/Image curtesy Pixaby

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