May the village burn
and the dogs run wild.
May I speak into the ancients of men.

There once was a man who had many children.
He had grown very old, and knew his time was short.
So he gathered all his sons around him,
and gave to each of them his command.
He commanded them saying;
“Go into all the world, and seek ye that which I have given to thee.”

Now the eldest son spoke to his Father and said;
“Father, what shall therefore we seek if it is already given?”

And the Father looked into the eyes of his son and raised up his hands,
and spoke into the Heavens with a Thankful voice saying;
“Praise be to all that is and was and forever shall be,
for my Son shall know that he has all that he has sought,
when he remembers my Command.”

This too confused the sons, but they trusted their Father to guide them in their ways.

And so it is with the sons of all men on earth to this day.
That they come and they go and they strive and they toil.
That they reap and they sew and they work and they play.
That they walk and they run and they fly and they journey.
In all that they do, do they keep their Fathers command.

Ryan o0o


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