How could it be that He and I are any different?
If my Father’s Father reached back down to his Father’s Father
Would I not find that very portion of He in Me?

Where then would my own foundations be made?
Would they come from what was built a new?
Or would they be from the oldest part of my bones?

What do I then owe this Man before time?
Given to He was art and words and thought and awareness
And symbology and fire and expressive need for desire.

If he stood upon this earth unlike any creation before him
And wrestled with his own captivated isolation
Would I myself not share in his experience?

And here and now with every invention, every division, every progression
Is still in this heart the same that was not good – Alone.
Looking out upon the curves of the earth wondering why?

Is my dream not the same, seeking warmth and touch and a perfected companion?
Is my work not the same… of toil in the sun of the earth, the heat of the society or the burning of the unpleasant force of mankind’s obsession with power?

Many look to scripture made of paper, made of trees, made of seeds.
Many look to ideas made of thought, made of experiences, made of will,
Just as Adam looked upon the forest and animals and said “It is not enough”

What on earth is enough to Man beside that which he does all his works for?
What truly can we reach out and touch to know?
All that I have is also what Adam had, found in Her, in Family, in Friends.

Indeed everything that works within the secrets of my soul can be seen also in every man before me until the very beginning of time when one Man stood and KNEW.
His eyes are still my eyes, and his heart is still my heart and his will is still my own.

What is vain to me was vain to Solomon and vain even still before him.
What is felt in me was felt in David and still felt before Him.
What is wanted and needed and hoped for and dreamed in me, was also in Adam.

I shall not sit and flounder upon this earth treating what survives all generations as trivial.
I shall not toy with the genetic animal of my flesh,
Or squander the spiritual soul within me.

In thanksgiving I remember my Father Adam.
I too in proof of the Eternal stand as no other man on earth.
Just as all men stand as no other, as Adam did.

Of his like kind in my flesh comes with all the purpose also this imperitive expression of ONE uniqueness of Mind and Spirit.
For my Father’s purpose is no different than my own.

I Adam am one with They before me and He before us all
In that we all know everything of every portion of being only one…
Seeking another.

Who then will curse my seed and my desire to perpetuate that seed in all who would call themselves woman? Knowing our great love for our children and brothers and family wouldn’t it be that even in my Lover I would seek One Unique as me, so close to me as to be from me? Who then would scoff at my own desire to place one of them above all the others and speak her name as Eve?

So who is he that lies and puffs up and steals for himself the flesh of woman?
What is given cannot be taken, and what is alike cannot be parted.
He is as a wild beast and not like my Father’s Father.

Adam had no riches, had no slaves, had no other men to lord over, had no admirers, had no fans, had no prestige, had no glory, had no fine clothing, had no great buildings and had no prominent empire. He was alone and had only himself that Eve could see.

So again who is he who uses such things to lure the fine touch of women?
Who is that male that wishes to have what is not freely given?
I cannot call them brother in that sense where they have forgotten their Father.

Even upon the sands of mankind are many calling themselves Eve
Yet they seek wealth and things and someone to lord over other men.
But she who holds a baby and feels the power of love and forevermore does not forget this lesson will remember the great fact of all men who are perfect without.

I as Adam did reach out my hand and there in my other hand held nothing.
My glory is in my unique reality that makes me sole proprietor over my life.
That ALONE is enough for she who is Eve to my Adam.

That is what I owe all the Father’s before me.
I owe to them what they themselves carried and gave to me.
I owe to them to be This Man, This Adam, This One alone unlike all others.
I Adam stand alone on this earth
As all men do.

Ryan o0o

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Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
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