Not else the land itself
Without Highland sky
Or Lowland lochs
The power began before

Ye what a land above all
In the realm of the spirits call
Where gods did meet
To settle the work of man

Lest no other place be found
To extol rule
One such a scape
Would harness

There can be no other
That all would agree
Of Heaven’s host
When reign first fell to earth

Look to the circles of old
Even ancient cities do rest
That every throne did stand
In these holy places

What can modern men know
But only broken stories told
Uncovering mystery upon itself
Revealing what shakes their bones?

Lo when did the spin change axis
Forming heat and cool and cloud?
Was it not when heaven touched her shores
And the wisdom of the Heaven’s did write?

See the foot of the masters
Where the line was drawn
Filling waters placed
“Make this place straight”

So it is said again
Of this great land
Where judges wait command
From beginning to end they speak

See the powers of men on earth
Know none do walk without her
They chose the rule
As well as snatched it away

So that it would be
One tribe to judge them all
Must dwell forever there
Making account of men below

See the infiltrated masses
Bringing the prose of the wizards ways
Seeking out all of the ancient tribe
Blinded without knowing

See the power hungry men
Bringing spears of the warrior way
Seeking out all of the ancient tribe
Pushed back without succession

See the advancing cultures
Bringing laws of their orders ways
Seeking out all of the ancient tribe
Stopped by the walls of their own fear

Yet there be brothers of the isle
Where judges first accepted their task
So that the lineage would remain fulfilled
As decided long ago

Great painted land
That gave place
For the council of the Creators
You are not forgotten

Pray unto the beginning look
As they without tainted blood still walk
Offering patient witness
As was commended

The deep still knows your mark
And the hills still feel your breath
As her shores express the work of your staff
So too the eyes of the makers of kings look to you

Until that day comes
When all flesh shall be spoken for
By they you choose to give ear
We do still place our trust

And as the land has remembered
Even to unbury it’s past before our eyes
We too stand ready in this beautiful place
Where we have always lived

Justice remains vigil amidst her fallen
Peace remains in her rocks
Sacred it is
Holy is it forever more

Ryan o0o


Image “Ryan on the rock” ©2008 Ranney Studios, Colleen Ranney, 
All Words and Images 
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved