By the very notes of the song
Our shelter does belong

As we look backward
And we look forward
So too do we not see

As the cavemen are to us
So are we also an echo
In a world we do not know
All around us

There stands a man born of man
Who travels to distant stars
And fellowships with distant beings
And traverses with various races
Unlike our own

There stands a man born of man
Who chooses the standards
And sets the scale
Of our highest intellect
Made known to us

All around us are those in mastery
Of the knowledge we have been forbidden
That we may quibble for worthless trinkets
While the universe itself is open to them

The fruit of the earth is made of elements
That the sky is made of
And the metals are made of
And the liquids are made of
And even the very same tongue in our mouths
Is no different in element
Than any other thing

The energy of the earth is made of intent
That the dream is made of
That the drive is made of
That the money is made of
And even the very same idea of belief
Is no different in its sound form
Than any other thing

The solid object we perceive
Is not solid at all
But made of particles of massive space and swirling energy
Those elements are likewise made of space and swirling energy
From elements made of space and energy
Pushing away at the energy of our bodies

Let us try to make sense of the mystery

There can be no such thing
As an out of body experience
If you are your body

There can be no such thing
As a near death experience
If you are to die

There can be no such thing
As ghosts
Without ignorance of the reality

There can be no such thing
As paranormal powers
Only undisclosed information

There can be no such thing
As perpetual worship of anything
Without direct control of mankind

There can be no such thing
As a lie
Except for our belief in it

There can be no such thing
As the rising of the dead
If death exists at all

Into the night sky I do place my eyes intent to accept the world created for me.

For I know that this is NOT the world that IS
But it is the world that men have made
And I will not be amazed when the world that IS makes itself known
For it shall still be a world of men who reigned over others

How is it not obvious
That our greatest ship is but a relic even when it is made?
That our greatest achievement is merely a pat on the back of a child?
That our greatest knowledge is merely the kindergarten books of science?
That our greatest goals are guided always by forces against our growth?
That our greatest will is beaten down by the forces against our liberation?
That our rules and laws were designed to keep us in ignorance?
That even our DREAMS would know the limits that other men set?

And though these men and women are born and rest into the ground as I do
Still they live as though I would not ever know
Of their world they manipulate for our domination
And their amusement
Like pets

And though they rest eye upon us all
Still they live under the Eye of Another
Greater than us all

For some of us have come to realize
Even without the help of those who already know
That there can be no such thing as a dream
Unless it already exists in the real reality

And even this is beyond the technology of our masters
Who travel without restriction in our world and galaxy
Who command the markets and the weather and the wants of men
Who rule in such a place that our own Kings are unaware
Who make form and function of what they desire

I am as a caveman right now – playing with fire
To the world that is right now – playing with life

But I see you
Even in your darkness
Even in your hiding
Even in your greatness and knowing
Yet I make no marvel at your ways
You Men of Knowledge and Privilege
For you grasp to reach where you have been invited by God
But you also grasp to reach where you have not.

Even in the believing that it is a lie
Do we make it known that it is at truth

Ryan o0o

P.S. Yes my eyes are naturally two different colors.


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Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
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