Eha-lios (A-lios)

From Eha-lios
To the solemn appointed.

Listen to the sounds
Of the hidden memory
Pursuing always.

See it upon the sky
Between the stars
Before the phrases of the human
After the folly of mankind.

Chase the thought
With your own will
Unable to capture.

The vision is your own
Spoken only to you
As each of their kind are given to
Like the face upon your bones
That you cannot see
Still it is there.

Not residing in the beast
Or found either within another
Calling, voicing, singing.
It is not as a charm
Or a profitable prose
Inescapable in the silent truth
Beyond reproach in subtlety.

Stand with your back to the north
As it is also behind.
Stand with your back to the east
Know it is there once more.
Stand with your back to the west
Where it has gone is before also.
Stand with your back to the south
Awaken to its depth.

The mighty fall to the song of their own heart
Ignoring the lily
Forsaking the hound
Staring only into the eyes of their flesh
Seeking the company of the fallen worshipper
Where silence is their foe
And the wind of wisdom no longer moves them.

But for they who have a quiet heart
Does the voice of the Great Between direct
Seeing what is not upon the earth
Hearing what is not upon the lips
Feeling what is not touched
Answering what cannot be asked.

Where the past has enveloped the moment
And the future has revealed the moment
And the moment has eluded the brilliant
So that even the most knowledgeable are brought low
Made way for the appointed of realms.

Open then to the passages
Of those deep earthly halls
Where kings lay not for themselves
But for us in our humbling.

In the hour of the choice to pursue
The pursuer of our hearts
Into birth from the grand canal of the earth.

Until such time the spirit is formed
Surrounded by the populace of the usurper.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images  
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney & Colleen Ranney – Ranney Studios
“In the Light” Painting/Image ©2008 Ranney Studios
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