Rules and Regulations!
Standards and Practices!
Ways and Means!
Theory and Implementation!
Study and Research!

BAH, it triggers a shudder in my bones to see conformity,
Even worse to see its rebellions reverse of conformity.

ART – art is either PURE or it is a science.
It is either RAW or it is predictable.
It is either from the HEART or it is from the mind.
It is either a CREATION or it is a Copy.
it is either TRUE or it is with an ulterior motive.

There are those who create art, because they are artists.
There are those who try to create art in order to become a success.

Those who create art, do so without ANY rules they must obey.
To obey a rule in art is to completely miss the point of art.
There is no gray area in this.
No, there is NO gray area.

Recently someone critiqued a Poem my wife wrote.
He pointed out how her words shouldn’t be capitalized,
that her structure should change,
that her method is outdated,
that her writing should improve.

So I ask, is art for the Teachers of Art?

And if someone wants you to follow a pattern, a rule, a standard, a past lesson, a former method of another artist, an already-done-form of someone famous, then is that person actually apprised of what art is at all?

Perhaps I should tell God that ALL mountains should be similar.
That the hills of Afghanistan are outdated.
That we have seen the 2 arms and two legs of people long enough, they should modernize to 4 arms.
That the clouds have become boring how they constantly change.
That the notion of love is ancient and stupid in todays age.
That the colors of Earth are dull with all the brown.
That there is too much water everywhere.
That hair should be transparent or it isn’t exciting anymore.
That everyone should be a communist.
That all people should follow the same guidelines to living.
That everyone would be cool, if ONLY they followed the RULES of some man about how we should perceive the universe.
That children need to move on beyond the crayon.
That there are too many variations of Animals, and they need to conform to one another.
That the Fur of beasts has been done long enough.
That we have all “been there, done that” concerning walking, talking, moving, eating, kissing, sex, and growing old.
That the universe is a MESS and nothing of the cosmos is in the order it should be in. That it is cluttered, and we all know cleanliness is next to Godliness… so therefore God isn’t next to himself since most planets are chaos.

Maybe it is time for God to listen to our ideas of Conformity and regularity concerning the Art of the Living world? Perhaps when another man tells us that we have created something wrong, we should stop to consider that if this is true, then God himself must be wrong also.

Because isn’t this what is being said, when someone says we are wrong in our creation? Are they not saying that unless we follow a RULE that they themselves have APPROVED of, then we are going against them, and they are more godly then GOD? God… who designed the notion of Creativity in the FIRST PLACE!

Are there laws and principles to how things work in the Universe? You BET! they are precise and immutable on many levels, and not on others. But that is what we DISCOVER about the Art form of the universe. When I write a song, you can also discover the KEY I wrote it in, the feeling that it produces, and the method of tone and instrumentation used. But the desire to create in the first place comes from something pure and irrational, for I TOO discover the technology to one of my songs AFTER it is written.

When I hear someone point out that there is a right way and a wrong way to create ANYTHING, I want to PUKE. The other guitarist in my old band used to tell me that I was doing something technically wrong on my Guitar, in which case our drummer and singer would chime in that what I was doing sounded great and what he was doing sounding like crap. It didn’t matter to them if it was correct or note as described by some so-called authority of Music. What mattered was how it felt and sounded. And when it comes from the Heart –  the true authority to the art is EASY to recognize.

There is Art, and everything else is commercial, propaganda and self serving conformist dribble designed for business. I know this REAL well, for I was an editor of Film and Video for a long long time, and the pattern and formula to THAT is basic to its very core.

So realize this, when critiquing the work of someone who is an actual artist.

If you require the ideas of others to be followed, that you have accepted, then YOU are not an artist. And being that you are not a true artist, your words and opinions about someone’s art are irrelevant and wholly arrogant, unless it is that we should tell God he needs to redo the colors of Fall, since many of them clash.

Those who do follow rules and guidelines for Art, do so for commercial and professional means. Many things do require a pattern like technical manuals, cookbooks, and popular music. If you want to sell your music to the mass public then by all means follow the 3,5,7,5,3, then octave pattern. But I would suggest you remain silent when in front of a real artist because he or she will see through your critique like saran wrap. Besides… STAND UP, be proud…. you earned your way into the Massive world through the use of patterns and standards others designed for you. Be proud that what we know works, still works. But that look in your eyes and haughty talk about your coolness is about the funniest thing an actual artist will ever witness.

Cause see… and actual artist is a Creator…

Everyone else is just imitating.

Doing so for the purpose of success has it’s place in our world. An advertising firm for instance must know what captures peoples attention. This is as it should be. Their job is to help you find ways to get your word, message, or invention to the public.

But be honest, if it is done for business, then be proud of your business. If it is done so that others will love it, then proclaim that you copied what you copied in order to be loved also like others were. Hell be honest!

Besides, almost everyone loves to sing Karaoke. SO for FUN, we all do sing along also.

But If you create for Art, then throw ALL the rules away and do your Art for your love of that art.

And for no other reason.

because All other reasons – are the very enemy of art itself.

Ryan o0o


Watercolor “Fire Woman” ©2010 Colleen Ranney – Use with permission

Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved