Life for me is not a mystery
It is not a joke
It is not a riddle
Of ancient lost articles

When I embrace blessings
They can often direct me
Away from the truth

When I embrace hardships
They can often directed me
Towards enlightenment

These patterns
We do see
In all things
Save one.

As the flesh is far weaker than we can calculate
So too does the everlasting law
Live on regardless

So then as men tinker on with riddles
Build empires upon the sand
Cast spells to masses
Rely upon their logic
Do they not see or hear or feel
The living bond outside their theories

The veil is now so thick
Some of our elderly do not remember
Even while approaching their deathbeds

Yet in a moment

And I too have found
That every level of my own enlightenment
Is nothing more than outrageous foolishness
Arrogant vanity
And utter blindness

There is nothing to study – in order to learn
There is nothing to learn – in order to grow
There is nothing to gain – in order to win
There is nothing to lose – in order to cleanse

There isn’t a path to walk
Nor a sign to read
Nor a reason to deny
Nor a secret to discover

Before me has always been
The one or the other
Of the same two choices
And nothing more

And when I look down the hole of darkness
Known everywhere as evil
Has it bore witness to its perfection
As a perfect hell of forgetting

And when I look to the ease of light
Known everywhere as love
Has it bore witness to its perfection
As a perfect experience of eternity

And it makes wonder in me
To the unlimited power of
Of this dark matter
Hiding in a world of natural beauty and life?

Because in this moment
Has all other moments before been laid waste
Never to find their way again upon this earth
And to the next moment approaching
Is it not here until its future arrival
Never to be realized until its time

Yet there is the one inescapable fact
Found within the knowledge
Of tombstones

So that in the cycle of birth and death
In every single moment being born and then dying
In every single portion of ones whole life
In every single generation of man’s dream
In every single age before this age
Do we grapple with the hell of bad timing
Because of the pursuit of vanity

But it is that all true and everlasting
Living law
Has never nor will ever
Arrive in bad timing

I can’t recall one act of love
Ever given to me
That arrived outside the perfected time
Nor can I recall one act of love
Ever given by me
That arrived without a miracle

And just as all riddles are meant to keep us busy
So too is all evil made to keep us apart
Lost in the darkness of a game we can’t win

And as it is that most moments of my life
Are mired in the darkness of bad timing
Separated wills, individual propulsion,
Trivial wants and pointless goals…

Do I most realize
That in all things hellish
Is the peace of the everlasting desire
To be one with another

That in our intimate moments with friends
With family, with Lovers and with God
Do we wholly abandon the dark

And it is that the greater the intimacy
Do we live in the likewise greater light

So much so is this true for me
That even in the moment of death
Do I wish only to peer into the eyes
Of the woman who shares all things with me

Who in the moment of death desired to be alone?
Not even the Great Master who cried out upon the cross.

And this is the One blessing on the earth
Of happiness with friends,
Of gatherings with family,
Of travels into the community
Of fearlessness with God
Of blissful union with a lover
That has Always without fail
Lead me to truth and peace and everlasting life.

As all other things on earth for me
Vanish in the twinkling of an eye
And perish in the passing of a second
Never to be again…

Simple love lives on into the Universe itself.
Desire for love to give and to receive
Never perishes
No matter how much bad timing does curse me

It is by stripping away the walls between us
Did I awaken with everyone likewise willing

Thus do I write not for the purpose
Of taking the torch from one runner
And glorifying myself with their light
But to answer one interesting question
Asked of me long ago
Concerning purpose.

As ever, it is asked and answered daily.

All my love

Ryan o0o


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