What would you do
if you woke up in the morning
and suddenly could calculate
the predictability
of everything?

What would you say
if you could hear the words of others
before they spoke them?

What would it take to amaze you
shock you with awe
surprise you
awaken you
enlighten you
or enrich you
with this?

Surely the knowledge of everything
even if only for a moment
before hand
removes such experiences of joyful growth

What remains of the realm
is disappointment
and vanity.

How does one control themselves
with such vast information
set before the path of
unlimited manipulation?

As human force will hone and play and test away
at when they can be right and when they can be wrong
some know exactly when
in order to move mountains

They who are as such
do not have spirits that stand before the face of men
but rather before a Mighty Throne

They who are as such
do not have hearts that can be weighed by the scales of men
but rather known only to themselves

They who are as such
do not have minds that can be reasoned by the wisdom of men
but rather tested alone by the mind of the mind

They who are as such
stand only in body
before an alien faction
called men

Truly if love is a factor
in the soul of such a man or woman
there is but one course.

It is a course of utter despair and isolation
it is a course of self annihilation
for the preservation of life

it is a course of eternal determination

In poverty and in Wealth
the keys to the kingdom of men is a wasteland
of circular arguments
set upon the beauty of the earth

In Greatness and in nothingness
the drive of the will of man
dies as they do
surrounded by the life of the Spirit of the Universe

There is a force of Life
where men of religion
and men of science
will agree

Where life itself fights for the desire to promote life

Yet who in seeing the will of this
has witnessed the principle of the will?

That life itself seeks to be proud of us
While we instead seek to be proud of ourselves.


Without the knowledge of such men and women
I wish to follow the principle of life
they so adopted

I desire to be proud of you
I pray for your success
I set my will to assist those who cannot achieve, so that they may

I work to humble myself as the lowly custodian
of all that men have abandoned, forgotten or no longer bares witness to.

Ryan o0o


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