He who stands now
may meet those who stood before
even though before them
are they who appear here now.

Where we live inside is not always
where we are presently,
while where we desire to be
is not always where we live.

It isn’t a matter of time
that eludes our science
or the science of time
that confuses our spirit.

It is the matter of flesh
that stands only before
our eyes of flesh
upon our feet.

The flesh perishes in every moment
and he who stood before is dead
and now dead again
only to rise to this moment right now.

It is however that the spirit
which never dies
stands in no time
and lives in no space.

For none of those matters of flesh exist
to anything of the spirit.

And isn’t it a little odd
that I can live in my past
and live in my future
and not also live in yours?

Here is where we again
fall to our earthly bodies
and comprehend
“it cannot be so”

But what of the two
who in the name of God
are visited by that God
there also…
IN THE PLACE with no time or space?

Is it not that if I recall a memory of Horror
and I call upon my God
that God is there also
in my past with me?

And is it not that if two friends recall a story
of former things they shared
that they are both living within a past
while their flesh maintains their age?

Is it not true that we can forget a thing we do not like
and remember a thing in the way we desire?
Do we not alter our course
by the choice of our memory?
Am I not creating my past?

And when I dream of the days ahead
am I not placing things before me
as I wish to create them
and as my spirit may already know them?
Does my spirit live in time or in faith?

Who is to say this is just fantasy?
For if I remember NOT how something was
and remember only how I wish it
then it becomes my reality correct?

I am not bound by fact, or even fiction
but by the selective desire of my own will.
I am not bound by time, or even by space
but by the selective choice to live inside where I wish.

Photos, videos, recordings… these things are for our anchored flesh.
Whereas my spirit AND mind need none of these.
Even a photo dies of it’s own flesh in time.

SO WHY is it obsurd
to alter the past
of another…?

NOT by lying or deceit or theft…
But by entering their past
as we enter our own?

Could it be known
that we were there
where we were not before?

There is a secret to such a thing

Would this not alter the memory
of they who shared that memory with us?

Is this not in fact what we do
when we reveal a new perspective?

Is this not in fact what takes place
when they can leave that “time” and follow us into another?

We see the body heal in time on earth
Yet the healing of an emotion
is limited only by
the isolated soul.

In sharing the soul
in the “time” they are stuck living
they are no longer alone
and can heal…

…If their Spirit joins us
in the place in which we live
while visiting their past…
Or even in helping them mold a greater future.

Is this not how we enlighten one another?

Or do many of us still believe in a limited Spirit?

We have a very amazing Journey
In every time.

Ryan o0o


Painting “Imagination” ©2011 by Colleen Ranney – Used by Permission (Turned any way makes a new Painting)

Copyright © 2013
word by Ryan Ranney
All Rights Reserved