“Honor is a gift a man gives himself” (unknown)

Though there are several meanings, Honor cannot be defined by an outside source. It can be recognized as similar in nature to another, but it cannot truly be measured by another. It is a rod of our own beliefs, and it corrects us when we are beset against ourselves. Honor is a valuable principle in this its underlying foundation.

A woman who desires to love a man can never truly give of herself if that man does not have honor. Without honor, he is without his own compass and a wanderer amid his own life. Without honor, a man can lose self respect, and therefore does not encourage the respect of others, especially she who desires to love him. Without honor a man does not truly know himself, or know what he is capable of and not capable of.

Honor can direct the path of our lives, when their is no clear path to take. Honor can settle arguments, and lay low a spiritual enemy. Honor can restore a man who has fallen. Honor can be a cornerstone in the Kingdom he is building for his family.

Though Honor must come from within, it will often be judged from without. A Man’s honor must come from the honest evaluation of his own morals and ethics. He will need to nurture his Honor so that he will not lose it when others wish to mock or rebuke him for it. Honor does not seek to have the outside reward of approval, because it is an internal system of individual fortitude.

This isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its own rewards.

When we honor ourselves, we honor others. With a greater understanding of yourself, you gain a greater understanding of the lives and choices of others.

Those who honor us in truth, are also seeking to know honor for themselves. We can often gain a brother quickly by helping another man to find his own honor.

When we have a sense of Honor, we provide a clear message about our hearts as men. This has several wonderful components for the lovers of our lives. They are given a deeper picture to our natures, and so therefore can discover sooner if we are suitable mates for them. Those who do choose to live by our side have a greater sense of familial security because of our Honor. It supports us, empowers us, and provides evidence to the commitment we do give our families. A woman who witnesses a man’s honor, and finds she is already in accord with his, will be able to open herself with greater ease. She will be further empowered by our Honor, and she will know the lengths we as men are willing to go to protect and defend our families.

It does not matter what principles or beliefs one may have in his own Honor. They can be wide and varied from man to man. What does matter is that our honor, whatever it may be for us, is part of that component which brings truth and justice to our own lives. This is a promise of Honor regarding those we touch in our everyday. More so always is how it touches us over time.

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