It is impossible for one man to have authority over another, and remain just.

There are no greater disappointments, or deeper holes we can feel in our chest, then the desire to be known, to be heard, and to be loved.

Real awakenings on earth do not deliver bliss, but rather terror.

The truest lessons we will ever learn, are after we can benefit from them.

War is the answer of the ignorant to that problem they cannot solve.

Nothing on earth is free, because the 1 percent of those who own 99 percent of everything are too afraid that you would not share.

There is no stronger enemy than fear, it is also the greatest liar.

I have more hope in drug addicts and drunks who wish to escape mankind, then I do in those who wish to rule mankind.

The most lonely people on earth, are the only ones truly willing to believe we are not alone in the universe.

Actual Honesty humbles a man, it does not puff him up.

The wisest men of earth, are completely unknown.

Honor cannot be shared.

It is impossible for anyone to understand what you mean, they can only understand what they would mean.

Sex is one of the last remaining doorways to God’s intent for man. It is also the most knocked on door, and least entered into properly.

It is not what men hide that I take into account, but what they sell in the light of day harbors more evil.

Nobody has a deal for YOU.

Men who are interested in those who are rich, are takers,
Men who are interested in those who are poor, are givers.
Institutions that are interested in the rich, are charitable to themselves.
Institutions that are interested in the poor, are charitable to the rich.

No good man serves an evil Master.

There is greater freedom found in the example of death, then we can find in man’s example of life.

The more we learn, the less we believe other’s know.
This is self important delusion.
In truth, The more we learn, the less we know.

The desires others have for us are made to please them.
When I see someone happy, I am happy.
When I am happy, I am happy.

Nobody knows the answer to the question you have not asked.
We have asked the wrong question.

Appearances are made to hide the truth.

Entitlement is the excuse of the lazy.

If we were meant to have everything we wanted, no one would be left alive.
Desire is in the heart.

Man cannot fathom goodness, it is an eternal study.

For our brothers we can die, for our families we must live.

Nobody knows what you need better then you.

The one who is actually correct, has no need to explain himself.

Adults graphically depict violence
in front of the very same children
they graphically punish for being violent.

Adults hide nakedness from children
who do not care about nakedness,
In order to perpetuate shame.

Shame begets shameful acts by Adults.

We do not choose what we love,
we also do not choose who loves us.

Nobody is their disease.

Comedians understand the purpose to the existence of falsehoods.

No one can tell you who or what God is. You already know.
What they know is for them, what you know is for you.

Those who want to find God, eventually find God.
Those who do not want to find God, eventually find God.

The desire for death is a more Holy escape
then the desire for escape from death.

As soon as we know we have found humility, we have lost it.
There is no end to truth.

If I am not the greatest man on earth, then neither are you.
If I am the greatest man on earth, so shall you be.
This is love.

There has never been, nor shall there ever be, another YOU,
Though man before you wishes to mold you to them,
rather then to yourself.

Eating is good, no human designed eating.
Sleeping is good, no human designed sleeping.
Sex is good, no human designed sex.
Man’s way is to control what is good.
Control requires the approval of others.
Approval requires Judgement.
Judgement requires Heaven and Hell.
Hell has no good thing for man.
Man’s way can only be half-good at most.

God’s way is Good.
To eat when hungry,
To sleep when tired,
To embrace when both desire.

No one can forgive you of that which you do not forgive yourself.
This is the sin which cannot be pardoned.

Sin is anything you have done to harm yourself.

To hold yourself in perpetual judgement
harms yourself.
This is sin, because it goes against you.

To be harmed by another
and hold them in perpetual judgement
perpetuates also your harm.
This too is sin because it goes against you.

To harm another is sin
because they will go against you in their heart
and this brings harm to you,
So therefore you have gone against yourself.

To forgive another of their crime is to again walk towards freedom from harm.
To withhold forgiveness is to remain in the sorrows of harm.

If I count what I have lost, I remain in Loss.

The duty of Hell, is to ensure perpetual punishment.
This is true Death
The duty of Heaven, is to ensure perpetual Grace.
This is true life.

We all do well to avoid those who wish to punish us.
We all do well to embrace those who honestly seek forgiveness.

Punishment is any curse uttered by our lips,
any action taken to wound,
any desire in the heart to harm.

Forgiveness is any blessing uttered in honesty by our lips,
any action taken to love
any desire in our heart to give.

A curse is from the realm of Hell
Hell is the place of Lies.

A Blessing is from the realm of Heaven.
Heaven is the place of truth.

The game is to escape hell, and flee from all those in it.
The reward is to enter Heaven, and embrace all those in it.

I have not shared one word you did not already know.

Ryan o0o


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